looking for PSB subseries 1 schematic AKA indigo bash 600088


2016-05-11 6:19 am
Hi All,

Trying to fix this PSB subseries 1. It is not powering on. Not blowing fuses, looks like the dc - dc converter is not running.

I have cleaned up all the glue that goes conductive. checked what I can see. There was 1 100 ohm 1/2 watt resister open circuit on the secondary side of the dc-dc converter. swapped that for a good one. Still no go.

Does anyone have a schematic for this beast please. the main board is a indigo bash 600088.



Fixed , Turns out that one of the legs of the hight voltage DC (rectified mains) filter caps was broken, ply found it whilst desoldering the cap to check for any more of that conductive glue. Replaced temporally with one ratted form an old PC power supply and all working. 2 new caps on order now. I assume the oscillator circuit would not run with the extra ripple on the dc rail.

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