Looking for Marantz cd45 shematic


2012-09-13 12:25 am

Has anybody a Marantz CD45 shematic ?

I want to tweak lightly this old CDplayer (TDA1540D) & stay OS.

Is there somebody who succeed to smoth the midle & the treble just playing with caps ?

Do CDM0,1,2 & 4 pins compatible ?

Thanks a lot if you have an experience on it (I already read posts about Philips Cd104... and tda1540d):)


2013-05-30 3:46 pm
Hi there, apologies for this late reply - the Marantz CD 45 and Philips CD 150 are practically identical in every respect, you can find the manual for the cd150 by registering with at hifiengine, and downloading it for free ! In my experience with the cd150 cap changes don't make a huge difference to the sound, but it's worth it if you really like it and want it to last longer. Another relatively easy and I would say more noticeable upgrade is to replace the standard opamps with sockets and try some new ones. BTW the CDM "pins" are NOT compatible. Feel free to contact me for further details - hope this helps !