Looking for Linear pot with center tap and 4 pins


2016-11-03 1:50 pm

I'm looking for a linear pot with center tap, to use as a balance selector using Arduino and a digital potentiometer (WM8816 can set volume for L/R channels independently).

I have an old (broken) Rotel RA1000 amp balance pot, but it's logarithmic. It has 4 pins, one marks the center resistance, the other the resistance at each specific rotation angle. Same as this:


I've seen some in ebay, but none with 4 pins. So my question is, do linear pot with center tap and 4 pins exist? I guess I would be able to use one with 3 pins, just by using the normal resistance value when the pot is rotated to the center tap and then using that value to calculate channel deviation when rotating.

Thank you

Thank you