Looking for high quality 3-way design

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I would appreciate advice on a good 3-way design along the lines of a ribbon tweeter with Accuton C79-6 midrange, maybe SEAS Excel or Revelator bass.
I see a lot of 2-way and 2.5 way designs, yet also read that the mid-range is most important and is ideally covered by a single driver with no XO from 400Hz to about 4,6, or 8 kHz.

So, I am a bit confused as to why I don't see more 3-way designs compared to, say, MTM. Would prefer closed or vented to dipole.

I am happy to go with active XO as part of the overall solution.

Thoughts/ideas ?

Thanks, Jack
IMO, the reason is that a 2-way should cover most of the signal that you're trying to reproduce. Ideally, you'll have a mid-bass that covers the important region 60/80Hz-3/4kHz (pretty much all the vocal fundamentals and most of the musical fundamentals). Then you'll have a tweeter that covers most of the high stuff, and a subwoofer (or 2) for the really low stuff.

But, then, doesn't that make it a 3-way anyway?

I've generally got this set-up using 2 'base modules' (Lambda 12" in sealed boxes) and using my Elac 510s (or whatever DIY flavour of the month I'm currently using) as the main speakers. A subby (eventually) will be used to put holes in the wall on the really big explosions - but not yet:)

As far as the MTMs are concerned, IMO it's to allow a fairly small mid-bass to be able to handle the signal at a reasonable level (there's no substitute for cubic inches). MMtMM even better...
A few reasons I suspect, one of which is complexity, and the difficulty of integrating drivers well. Also, there aren't many really good dedicated bass and mid-drivers available (though you can find them if you look around). A good way forward might be simply to use 3 mid/bass drivers, one of which handles the mids, and two in series which handle the bass, a la the Revolver RW45 and Monitor Audio Silver S8. World Audio Design used to have some good 3 ways on their site, but since Audax discontinued the drivers, the designs were removed. Anyone out there got them? They should be adaptable to other units.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.