Looking for DX Blame MK III PCB's

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Hello, is there a good place to buy two DX blame MKIII boards? I looked in the diy store and didn't see any for sale.

Also I see there are several versions of this board around and wonder which is the best?

I found a seller on E-bay with the boards, but he wants $25.00 each plus shipping and I worry about the quality of the boards. Any advice would be great as to where to buy the best boards.

Thanks for the help!

Dale P.
The ones are authorized to supply boards are:

Miguel Nabuco (Mitchel) from Brasil:

Fabio Zimmer from Brasil:

Juan Vargas from Puerto Rico:

Meanman from this same forum.

Byroninlawrence from this forum.

There's someone from UK that asked me authorization to produce a batch, some samples to friends and never stopped to supply...this second movement (non stop) was not authorized.

Related our forum, i have sent them gerbers, also i have suggested them to do this way, to make forum a pcboard supplier, but i suppose they do not like my amplifier as they have never used, or, they thought it was already explored and not too much guys would be interested.... and this is a fact.... around 600 guys from this forum have assembled my amplifiers, so, it is not a new idea around...also it is a design based, copied, inspired, tweaked, evoluted, made better, from the Blameless original topology, the one was made without tweaks, just to reduce THD.... others are also copies, but pretend not to be copies...they just do not say they have copied. in other words, there's no original design anymore as we have internet and access to diagrams ... so.... some do not assume or claim that they copied, but no one is foolish and it is easily noticeable.

There's a teacher in US (Byron) that can supply too, authorized, but i do think he is not doing that anymore.... he made from himself and accepted to supply for a group buy only and his activity, as a supplier, already had an end.

Other folks may sell at Ebay, as as long i can remember, they are not authorized.....so....you can call them pirate.

One of these guys may be able to supply pcboards, i do think Zimmer is the one may have samples at home....others may have to order to manufacturer to be able to supply you.

I hope i have posted images good enougth for people to etch at home..not sure about that...the one made the layout was Alex MM.... and you should ask him if you want to make by yourself..this is the forum spirit, not to be a market place.

Here you have good units too, despite i have noticed these amplifier operates much better if you reduce the supply voltage to 42 volts (not more than that) and replace all small transistors by BC546 and BC556, and drivers replaced by BD139 and BD140... keep the same output.

DX Blame Amplifiers - Carlos Mergulhão

You see pictures... Zimmer is the blond Brazilian , Juan is the soldier, the other is Miguel (Mitchel)




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Wow, Thanks for all of the information!

I will contact some of the people you listed here and see if they have some boards in stock.

The seller on E-bay has them in stock, but to me they look like a cheap 1oz board, and I'm guessing that most people have had the boards made with at least 2oz of copper and perhaps a thicker PCB.

Here is a link to the board on E-bay. [wiki=http://www.ebay.com/itm/Destroyer-DX-Blame-MK-III-PCB-authorized-version-/320794512395?pt=US_Home_Audio_Amplifiers_Preamps&hash=item4ab0d7cc0b]%[/wiki]

A question I had about your amplifier design is if you need to add any more capacitors to the power supply, or if the four 10,000uf ones on the board were enough? Also you say to keep the voltage under 42 volts, is that before or after the bridge rectifier?

Thanks again for all of the help!
Dale P.
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