Looking for an amplifier kit.

I would go with a nice set of class D modules from Hypex, but budget prevents that. I could design and build my own class AB discrete amplifier, but don't have enough time.

So, I am looking for either a class AB discrete kit or a chip-amp (gainclone) kit, with the following specs:

-at least 70W RMS output power per channel into 8 ohm, 4 ohm capable

-low distortion, flat frequency response

-adequate protection (overload, short circuit) (overheat protection not entirely necessary since I can implement this myself anyways)

-cost, preferably no more than $200 for two channels (either a stereo kit or dual monoblocks, doesn't matter)

-does not have to include power supply, will do that myself

Where can I find such a kit (if such a thing even exists)?:)
Ok nvm not looking for a kit anymore. I'll probably want to shoot myself later when I want something better for getting something sub-par. I'm going to avoid this embarrassing situation altogether and go for dual UCD400HG's. It's not that my budget is tight, I'm just finding it hard to convince myself to spend that much money.;)

Considering the price of the UCD's, you would be much better off purchasing a pair of SKA GB150D's. $106 per per channel at 150W rms. I have built the larger 300D's and while they are not quite 100% finished yet the few minutes I have had them playing for, I have been quite impressed. There are a lot of excellent reviews regarding this amp to be one of the best... arguably as good or even maybe better than the AKSA... Depending who you ask.

Greg offers excellent support, he will answer any questions within hours of either e-mailing him or posting on his forum. Believe me, I have asked him a lot of questions and he is always happy to answer. www.ska-audio.com Don't waste your time with class D unless it is for a subwoofer