Looking for Amp Camp Amp Chassis Dimensions

I am new to this site so I hope am posting in the right place.
After having read a lot of electronics books, not to mention « Hi-Power Audio Amplifier Construction Manual » from G. Randy Slone, and actually reading « Audio Power Amplifier Design » from Self Douglas, I have this project to built my own Power Amplifier from the figure 11.14 of the G. Randy Slone book above.

So I am interested in maybe using the Amp Camp Amp Chassis for this project. I am a electronic technician and a Senior AutoCAD 3D drafter with pretty good experience in PCB design. My schematic is already draw with the Linux gEDA software and I am actually designing the PCB with the same PCB software included in the gEDA suite. I am now faced with the problem of the mechanical configuration for the placement of output MOSFETs in regards to the threaded holes already present on the heat-sink of the kit above.

Is there any drawing specifying the dimensions of these holes placements onto the heat-sinks?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks AllenB, but I already knew this page. The dimensions I am looking for aren't there. When we look at some design pictures, we can see that the output transistors are mounted onto the heat-sinks with threaded holes already drilled in the heat-sinks. I am looking for the details dimensions of the placements of these holes from the corner sides of the heat-sinks. We use to call these drawings « mechanical shop drawing »...

My goal is to design my PCB so the ouput MOSFETs would be mount in the same way, using those already drilled holes. But I need the exact placement of those holes from the heat-sink sides, as well as the distance between each holes.