Looking for aleph project pictures.

Hi !

For a week or so I've been considering to perhaps try the aleph 60 project all by my self. This includes laying out the pcb and internal arangements of the amp.
My question or better said a nice request is to get as much pictorial info as I can can get. I am particularly interested in pictures of pcbs so I can ripoff some routing ideas. I once saw page with finished aleph which had the arrangement I was thinking off with 3 power transistors at each side of pcb. But all I can remember now there were pictures of half assembled aleph with a green pcb and black page background. Although I tried hard on google I haven't found that page again.
So what I propose is: Anybody who knows of web (url) resource regarding some of the aleph amplifiers should post teh url and hopefully I will find my page againd and all this could grow in some web index for aleph builders for gathering info and experience. This index could perhaps find it's way on passdiy site.

Thanks ...