Looking for a tiny ribbon Cable for Delco CD/Radio

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I have a Delco stock automobile CD Player and Stereo Radio unit that came with my 2007 Saturn Vue. The CD player stop working, and I began to repair it.

However, while installing the spindle motor, I broke a small ribbon cable that connects to the sled drive motor. This motor positions the laser as the CD spins. The ribbon cable that I would like to order connects the sled motor to a small board that also leads to the spindle motor. This small board then connects to a control circuit board via the ribbon cable.

Where would I look for one of these ribbon cables?
Tiny ribbon cable for Delco CD/Radio

Thanks for the response! These photos show that the ribbon cable is tiny. I'd like to try to hard wire it. Where would I obtain such a small cable? Any suggestions?


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Salvage it from another CD player? Use the flexible wires from inside a headphone or telephone handset cable?

Or, leave it broken? It's been years since I played a CD in a car.

Get a replacement deck from an auto wrecker, if you must have a working CD player. Or just install a better aftermarket head unit.
Looking for a tiny ribbon cable for Delco CD/Radio

Thanks to each of you for your suggestions. I enjoy repairing electronic items, and this one presents a challenge. I'm old school, I love the CD format. I read the CD jacket and inserts, (not while driving) and I'm interested in who is playing what instrument. A replacement radio is a definite option, if it comes to that. I might just find an appropriate model for a good price at an auto wrecker. Great idea.
I may have to find a similar cable in another unit. This little board is unique, however. It would be great if I could reach a parts supplier who could provide an exact replacement. Wishful thinking, but I'll continue to search.
Leonard Sly
The problem with finding that exact part is that likely as not, no one sells it. If a player comes in with a problem like that, I have to weigh the labor cost of fixing it against the cost of a new transport. Chances are you can find a replacement transport, but notlikely the individual parts. But you might, never assume. That is why taking that part out of an otherwise dead unit is your best shot at repair.
I'm sure even if you found a place that sells the part (highly unlikely) it would cost more than buying a used radio. I see a vue radio on ebay for $25.

Be warned, if you buy a replacement stock radio you can't just swap them out. The radio communicates with the cars ECU and checks that the VIN matches the one it was programmed for. You would need to take it to a dealer and pay them to reprogram it.
Looking for tiny ribbon cable for Delco CD/CD

I think I'll take a combination of both of the above suggestions and look around for a used stock radio from Saturn. My present unit operates without the CD player. If I could just remove the slide assembly that contains the laser and the photodiode, M may be able to install it into my CD/Radio and away we go. The ebay suggestions is helpful.

Great suggestions, and I am open for more. I'll let the forum know if I solve my problem. Leonard Sly.
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