Looking for a small CD Player


2017-08-05 12:57 am
I currently have a Teac PD-301 CD Player/FM tuner I originally went
with this because of it's small size (8.5" Wide, 2.4" tall, and 9.1" deep)
To my ears it sounds good...

I'm now looking for a second CD Player and figured I'd ask what is available
for around $400 (or less) and is still small and of reasonably good quality.

This is for my den/home office so I'd like something small but still good sounding.

Thank you


2018-04-17 6:50 pm
For those of the metric persuasion that corresponds to 216 x 61 x 231 mm.

The Cyrus CD i player measures 215 x 73 x 360 mm.

It's around £1000 new, but there may be second hand ones close to your price limit.


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