Looking for a nice fellow to do a model


2001-04-30 7:32 pm
The site below has some very interesting data on real loudspeaker behaviour (thanks, jcx)

Is there someone willing to do a Spice model of the non linear inductance x displacement they present?

This model could be helpful on analysing the amp-speaker interface as well as the Xo behaviour when excursion is significant.

Hi Jorge how youre doing buddy, the easiest way to do a spice
model using some of the driver parameters from that site is
to use spice model compilers, i have one i dont use anymore from
the Dos days where i had a coplete spice system software from
intosoft sandiego usa, this part of the software used for generating spice models from electrical parameters was called
spicemod , i am sure there are others around, try a search etc...