Looking for a larger driver to fit with my 4" faital pro


2010-09-28 6:56 pm
Hi guys
I did purchased 2 pairs of 4" faital pro 4FE35 (8Ω) drivers (See below files with specs). 30W, 92dB, Fs100,Qts 0.85
I am using one of them in a sealed enclosure of 8.6 liters.
The drivers are very good especialy in mid high frequancies but I still considered more low frequencies are needed (lets say bellow 150Hz).
So I was thinking adding a bass or a mid bass driver and making a system with the one pair even something more powerfull using the two 4" Faital pairs.
What do you think and which large driver would fit here??
thank you


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2010-09-28 6:56 pm
Thank you
This one is 12 " sub woofer very powerfull it has a high Mms.
Is it suitable for HiFi use
What do you think about :
8RS200 8" with 93dB, Fs 50Hz, Qts 0.32 Xmax 6.92, Vas 16l, Mms 30gr, its a mid-low we can cross it higher freqiancy: FaitalPRO | LF Loudspeakers | 8RS250
10FE200 10" 96dB, Fs 55Hz, Qts 0.70, Xmax 4.67, Vas 54l, Mms 25gr, also mid-low FaitalPRO | LF Loudspeakers | 10FE200
6FE100 6" 91dB, Fs 61Hz, Qts 0.54, Xmax 5.25, Vas 15l, Mms 14gr Mid-low FaitalPRO | LF Loudspeakers | 6FE100
We can see other brands too.

I need you help.

I dont know if it would be better to use a low woofer to cross it at 200Hz or a mid low and cross much higher?