looking for a hivi b3s in the netherlands.. anybody?


I'm planning on building a pair of John Krutke's hivi b3s fullrangers and now i'm looking for a dealer in the netherlands (or europe, for that matter) who sells hivi b3s drivers. I've seen them om partsexpress for ~$10. The only dealer I could find was www.spectrumaudio who sells them for ~EUR20.

Does anybody know another shop?

Thanks in advance,

I always think big!

Reason to keep it to one city is evasion of taxes etc.
I for myself would be interested in hivi b3s (2), and perhaps two ribbon tweeters.(then I am over 100USD) and or 2 b3s and 2 tangbands, ending up just under the 50USD Matjans was mentioning.

I am willing to coordinate, but don't want the taxhasle!

Other way is to use my BV, with taxnumbers etc but then I doubt whether it would be cheaper then following the German route.