Looking for a diy touch screen control panel


2016-03-03 12:43 am
I am looking for a DIY touch screen control panel and maybe a new processor controller unit. I work in a church that has a theater like setting for youth programs. The room has and Allen & Heath audio board, a panasonic reverse projected screen, with several inputs that communicate with the screen like DVD, laptop, desktop computer, cable TV. The room also has programmable lighting settings. It also has controllable window shades. The old touch screen controller is a 12" monochrome device that was installed in 1998. It was programmed with windows 95. :( We need a new one. :rolleyes: Problem is we don't have the massive budget that is needed to use one of those all-in-one contractor, supplier, programmer, outfits that start at $20K.:2c: Can anyone recommend a source, supplier where we could just buy the product and do all the programming and installation on our own? Any suggestions?