Looking for a complete DIY amp

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking at a complete great AMP to build and to link with a Logitech squeezebox duet via RCA.

i was thinking about a tube amplifier to give it a try (but people told me that my budget is too low for that), let's do it in a "non-tube way"
between 100 & 300€ big bang for the buck.
that can be shipped to France
mainly for beginner (i've done so far the Objective2 headphone amp with success, and plan to do the SUBBU DAC V3)
where only the case would have to be purchased afterward (or included).

If this post has maybe already been raised, sorry for the duplicate.

Thank you for your help and advises
As a comparison, this is what I built, it is 25W/ch, drives 4 ohms just fine.
I call it a Portable Media Player/Radio
Si4735 radio
BU9458 USB/SD memory stick player
PCM2902B USB Codec(ext PC Sound card)
TPA3100D2 class "D" amp, does not run off USB power!!
MAX9729 pre-amp/headphone amp
The mechanics are not fine tuned, but you can always do better.

The amp kit referenced 'GT-101' is a good deal however.Looks to be Class "AB", and I see modules, certainly not discrete, can't be sure what they are.



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Hi guys, thanks for these inputs
right now, i'm not enough skilled for understanding exactly what component is doing what in this electrical world, and after looking at the Cordel Super Gain Clone i'm almost completely lost ;-)
what i'm looking for is more something like a LEGO with soldering, i like building electrical stuff but i do not really understand the role of each component, so i think the GT-101 could be a good starting point and maybe also reading the book of Cordel in order to understand better what i'll do :)
What about one of professor Leachs amps?

They are what i am going tó build as my first amp. I am going for the superamp, and maybe even modify it with another 4 pair of output devices. I would like to reach 450w at 8R :)

Cordells book is a must. It is the best written and understandable of the 3 other i have read in. thats Slone and Self and some other author i dont remember.
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