long distance high freq attenuation solution?

Can you really hear it, or is it really potential?

when you run the speaker cables for about 50ft-100ft then there will be some high freq attenuation so is there anyway to solve the problem?
I suspect that this is "potential attenuation" rather than measured or experienced. Speaker cabling is pretty low capacitance per foot, and the amp's output impedance is very low. I doubt you're loosing enough to hear. I'd expect transformers would affect the sound far more.

Another way around the issue would be to move the amp so it's local to the speakers...



2003-02-17 7:38 pm
inductance, maybe a little proximity effect

John Allen found potentially audible effects with 150' runs in theater installations - used solid twisted "star quad" made from standard building electrical wire:


"star quad" is fine, coax would be even better if you could get heavy enough AWG to keep the resistance down - but with coax cable C may become a stability problem for some amps

Allen's "poor man's" star quad 3 phase + bond of solid copper @ 14 AWG or heavier is most readily available

not that copper is that cheap

EQ certainly seems practical and likely cheaper although multiband will be needed to come close to the proximity loss component sqrt(f) dependency
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