Logitech Z5500, (Passive) status listening


2016-04-01 7:09 am
Hi, this is my first post here, so bear with me;
If this is out of scope, please say so =)

I'd like to add a passive status listening device to the Z5500 and connect it to some form of arduino which connects to my router by WiFi or LAN.

Coupled with an IR blaster, I can then intelligently give commands to the Z5500 and enable home automation with it.

How could I go about modding the Control Pod in order to get the current status of the device?

I was thinking of soldering on wires to the 6 buttons (+ volume knob) inside the device and remembering the states and computing the current one in the logic - but this would not cover the commands received by IR from the remote.

Would it be possible instead to read the status from the wires going to the LED? I count 8 wires going into the LED, so at most, there's a 1 byte lane of information going to it. But does the LED chip get the info raw and does some logic to display stuff, or is it logic-less and simply receives the "pixels" to fill? If the latter is true, you can't use that for reading the status...

Is there some other approach I'm overlooking? Any other tips would be appreciated. I'm content with not being able to get all the status information, parts of it is fine too, for example, it would be fine to know if the device is on standby/not and what input mode it is on.

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