loggin on

For Some reason your forum will not let me post, I am using the correct username and password, I can even edit my details, but when I try to log in I get a quick view of the Welcome tvi screen than I am back a the main forum screen?

Have their been any changes that could be stopping me or could their be a compatability Problem with my browser?
I recently updated to Opera 5.12

I don't seem to be getting any cookies, I have used the settings in Opera to display all cookies and none appear when I log in your forum or hit reply (I get lots of cookies elsewhere), the main forum screen always displays not cookied when I am retuned to it??

James (tvi)

Why am I using a mew thread to tell TPTB this?
well none of my 3 email accounts will diliver to the diyaudio email address below is the message I get when I tried to email the above

<hr width="95%" align=center>
The original message was received at Thu, 5 Jul 2001 00:07:31 +1000 from mail005.syd.optusnet.com.au []
----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
<[email protected]>
reason: 550 Host unknown)
----- Transcript of session follows -----
550 5.1.2 <[email protected]>... Host unknown (Name server: diyaudio.com: host not found)
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To post this and my previous message in DIY Vider Projector I had to use Staroffice as a browser.

carl winter

2014-04-16 11:28 pm
cancel my membership of this forum immediately--!
you have far too many evil armchair critics that level insults and abuse
at new members and amateurs alike --
your moderator failed to remove these dumb cretins who deter anyone
seeking advice fron so called "experts " who level malicious and unwarranted sarcasm and libellous insults at new members posing threads
-asking for help is a joke on this forum
C A Winter
will seek expert advice elsewhere --god help these fools you call members!:mad: