loading a spool

hi all - how is this style load/trapped please - i imagine it requires a pencil like object to put in hole?

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Start to wind the tape around the inner of the spool, pulling the end through the slotted hole by around 2 inches, then contine to manually rotate the spool by two or three turns, thus trapping the loose end. I'm sure there must be a YouTube video that would help.
Any tape reel can be loaded just by holding the end of the tape down against the hub and rotating a turn or two until there is sufficient friction. Then you don't need to hold the tape any more; to cue it up, just rotate the reel to pull the leader or tape a bit further through the playback path or push play and let the machine do it.

Threading into the slot is not at all necessary unless you prefer the look of a strip of tape hanging out. You may not find it easy to manipulate it with a pencil/stick either, without some practice. It doesn't do much to simplify loading. I think the hole is as much for placing you finger onto anyway: the tape is loaded entering the slot and exiting the hole at an angle, so you hold it in place by putting your finger over the hole.
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