LMS is being a pain

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Hi everyone,

I just upgraded my LMS rig to 4.30 from 3.x, I'm having some problems with it.

I'm having a problem importing/exporting data files. I keep getting a "Range Check Error". Anyone know how to fix this? I'm running LMS on an XP machine with plenty of resources. Athlon 900 w/ 512Mb of RAM. I don't think it's XP, since LMS supports Win2000 and has XP being implemented in the latest patch. Does it have something to do with the file length? I was just trying to export one curve and it didn't work. I tried loading up the sample library and it did the same thing. I also notice in the version history that the import/export feature has been updated many times, I wonder if there is a problem with it?

I looked through the manual for any debuging information and it's pretty much nonexistant, I guess $2000 doesn't go very far these days.

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks, Rob
LMS Version 4.30


I do have LMS v4.30 but and had it istalled on one of our computers before I had to tke hard drive out to solve another problem so I cannot check the import and export functions right now.

As soon as I obtain another hard drive I will reinstall the software and check the functions out that you are having trouble with. I run Win98 since some of our software does not work on later versions of windows due to lack of direct access to the printer ports.

I do have WinXP Pro available and will make a dual boot configuration so I can check out LMS v4.30 in WinXP.

I blame most of the software problems on Microsoft since they are always causing compatibility problems for software vendors and call it progress.

I will let you know when I have the install done and able to test.

John Fassotte
Alaskan Audio
Thanks John,

I really appreciate your help.

I did an extensive search of the web and the newsgroups and I couldn't find anything as a last resort I posted here. I guess there isn't any support groups out there for loudspeaker testing software.

Again, thanks,

LMS v4.30 problem under WinXP


I have installed LMS v4.30 in both Win98 and WinXP.

Export and inport work ok in Win98. In WinXP I get Range check error for both inport and export functions.

I will check on the LinearX web site to see if there is a note about this error under WinXP. Perhaps they have a update ready. Since I run primarily Win98 I had not noticed this error when I installed the software.

John Fassotte
Alaskan Audio
LinearX has spoketh....

I sent Linearx an email and I did get a reply from Chris. (I think this is the same guy that I got support from 4 years ago).

Here's the email


Yeh WinXP is the problem. However we already have a new version that runs under XP without problem.
We have not got around to putting it up on the web server yet, but I guess I should now do that.
I'll try to get it up in the next 24 hrs. Watch for it on the web site.

Bye.. Chris."

Very cool, I didn't expect to get tech support on the weekend,

Good Job Chris

I guess my $2K is serving me well, I retract my previous statement, frustration, you know how it is.

Thanks for your help Alaskan Audio,

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