LME49610TS - are these fake? or just another batch

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The IC on the right is definitely a genuine LME49610TS

it was from digikey.

Although I have these from four different sources...
one was from a seller on ebay that has perfect feedback....although they don't look quite right.

notice the font of the "M" and the 6 and 9, also take note of the notches on the backside of the chip. The genuine has a right angle of sorts on the top right corner compared to the other one that is more of a 45degree.

For those who are very familiar with this chip. Can you confirm these are both genuine?

I have another bunch from mouser that I installed on "the wire" "bal bal" amp and it has heatsinks over them, but i'm pretty sure that they M font is the same as the presumed "fake" or one on the left. Yet maybe the factory chose different fonts somewhere along the way? Can anyone post photos of their known genuine chip?

I definitely want to get my money back if I can confirm these are fakes.

Thanks everyone!


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They definitely have not been mounted before.
Both are new condition.

I just notice the font is completely different.
The 4's are totally diff. As even the size of the logo is different.

Mind you these are microscope photos and not just a camera.

I was hoping to see some others who have this ic and confirm which one they have and where they ordered it. I have some fake ic's I got from another seller in Asia that I will post to show differences. But what angers me is that these ic's are not cheap and making it more likely that they are being faked.

Maybe someone who is real familiar with them can comment on the reason why the fonts are clearly different.
I just got my order of 16 of these from farnell. They are genuine. And guess what! They match the digikey ones too.

I'm convinced the eBay seller is selling fakes.
These photos are genuine from farnell Newark


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Definitely fake. Manufacturers tend to have a very distinct (proprietary) font on their parts, to make counterfeiting harder. On fakes, the font is never quite right, and is the easiest way to spot them. The real manufacturer would never mess up with this.

Besides, (pretty much) all semiconductors sold on Ebay (and similar sites) are fake. Most sellers have good feedback because those that don't understand they got fakes give good feedback, and those that do get their money back and give good (or no) feedback.

Make a paypal claim, get your money back, and most importantly - leave negative feedback.
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Indeed. I feared as much.

I reported the buyer to Texas Instruments counterfeit provention team. Gave them links to the sellers aliexpress, ebay and amazon webpage.

Reported the listing on ebay, and still awaiting response from seller. Fortunately I've only spent around 50 dollars. But that's not worth my time to deal with this crap.

I've got to check other IC's i've purchased from other sellers. Never will i buy off ebay again.

l49990ma's i've got to check. although I got em from a seller in new york that claims they are real ;) haha.

Will compare them with my genuine stock and post photos soon.

I ordered twenty of those l49990ma's from newark before they go extinct.

why is it that the good stuff always get's discontinued?
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