LM833 upgrade in Philips CD350

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I'm upgrading my good 25y old Philips cd player currently.
Already have changed the caps to Nichicon Muse and RCA sockets to Cardas.
Thinking about changing LM833n opams. Could anyone advice me pls is there any significant improvement now on the market?

Searched the forum and found these better alternatives:

Could I use them or there are some even better ones now? Also would it be a simple 'pin to pin' replacement or need to add some caps as well?

thanks in advance :)
Both of the opamps you suggested are pin for pin replacements and there shouldn´t be any problems (eg. oscillations) after you have fitted them. If there are oscillations, these can be easily fixed by placing small (around 100nf) bypass capacitors between the supply pins and ground.

The sound of opamps varies and everyone has their favourites. I have fitted OPA2132´s to my Philips CD210 played and, along with a non-oversampling mod, I am pleased to say that it sounds much better than before. The bass is much more taught and controlled and the treble and mids are much more defined and clear. With the previous opamps, bass was all over the place and the treble was not emphasised enough.

If you wish to try different opamps, the easiest way to do this and avoid stressing the board will be to fit sockets and try a variety of opamps. The NE5532 is a cheap opamp but nonetheless good whereas the OPA2132 is around 3GBP each. The good thing is though, that these are available on the TI sample program and can be obtained free of charge through their website (this is where I got my OPA2132´s from-all 15 of them!) ;).
I put a socket in my old CD player and added electrolytic and film capacitors between the rails and ground next to the socket (the locations were there, but not populated). The OPA2132 sounds fantastic, but when I tried LME49710HA's, there was way too much sibilance. I have a feeling the much faster LME49710 was borderline oscillating, so I switched back to the OPA2132 for now.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.