LM833 op-amp

Hello everyone,

I built a stereo preamp kit from http://www.dse.com.au which uses a Baxandal circuit block around an LM833 opamp for the tone controls (if memory serves me well). With the tone controls centered, I noticed that midbass was noticeably softer -- like the preamp lacked some midbass "bite" -- than when the whole preamp kit was removed from the signal path. Bypassing the whole preamp circuit brings back the sound to "neutral." Just recently I bought an LM833 opamp-based subwoofer processor circuit for my Shiva-based sub and noticed that it too had a rather soft midbass character.

I was wondering if anyone has noticed the same LM833 "characteristic" as I have...


Well, it really was the LM833 that sounded "odd." TL072 (or LF353) opamps are readily available here in our town, so I tried one with my subwoofer processor circuit and the midbass response came to life! Midbass doesn't sound thin anymore :)

I found a distributor of NE5532 opamps several towns away at http://www.altronics.com.au, I wonder how it would sound with the circuit.