LM3886TF version question


2011-02-16 11:50 pm
This is a question about the markings on LM3886TF chips.

I am looking at LM3886TF chips on ebay. The photos show NS cases, marked with two strings: "LM3886TF" in all cases; and then a second string which varies: "PM79AK", or "JM17AFE3", or "PM35AF".

The second string (the one that is not "LM3886TF"), might indicate production run or something else.

My question is does anyone know what that second string means and where I might find docs or discussion of the merits of one chip version over the other.


My question is motivated from that in the CPU world there have been times when a particular run of a CPU model was a superior over-clocker or had exceptional power consumption behaviour.

Perhaps this second string printed on the LM3886TF case carries info of a similar nature?
Those are Lot manufacturing codes, to help trace possible quality issues to the actual source, instead of wondering "who the @#~€¬"·$%& made this cr*p?"
This is one example of a full label, as printed on the cardboard box:

Of course you don't have that much space on the component, so it gets a much simplified version.

For an *incredible* investigative work, read:

Personally, I'd download it and have it available for future use.

As of fakers, they can *print* whatever they want, can't they ;)