LM3876T GC first impressions

Hi all, just finished my first GC using LM3876T's and thought I'd share the happiness with the rest of you :)

Upon first connecting it up for its maiden test I realised I must have used an incorrect bypass cap on the output and wasn't getting anything under 500Hz, this did, however demonstrate to me how freaking awesome the mid to high end of these amps is!!!. My girlfriend stole it for a good few hours and listened to everything acoustic we had on our ipods :)

After reclaiming the amp and changing over the bypass caps I had a full range and realised quickly my speakers needed upgrading. I'm very confident the bass inability of the speakers is not due to the power supply as the whole amp operates for another 10 seconds after switching it off - yes yes I know I should have discharging resistors but I find that kinda cool (2 X 33,000uF Kendall Caps + 160VA toroidal) :)

Next project is a bit more ambitious, has anyone made a DTS -> 5.1 gainclone?

All in all very very very happy with it :)