lm1036 question

You may have some problems with high level input signals. Like DVD/CD-Player output (2V rms). I think you must put a voltage divider (like 47K/12K) and keep amplifiers gain high. Because this chip can handle up to 800 mV input signal with 1% THD! And without any gain. That means you will have 800mV max signal at the output.
For example;
If you have a CD or DVD player... Then you have 2V RMS on input. So you must reduce the signal level down to ~500mV. With this level and 12v supply, you will have 0.2% THD (which is acceptable) for 1Khz (For 10Khz worst) And the chips max gain is 0dB. Then you will have 500mV on output.
So if you want to get 44-45W into 8 ohm with of course +/-30v supply, then you will need 49,5X voltage gain (33,9dB) that a bit dangerous I think. (33K/680R NFB line)
I think you can find a better alternative fot that position instead of LM1036..
Thats a good and simple example...