litz vs solid

It seems like litz wire is most commonly used
eventhough some suggest solid 0.1mm wire
any takes on the subject?
If litz, how many strands? what size ?
i plan a 4' wire from cartridge to preamp so I guss resistance is an issue.

hum may be a problem with litz or solid if you run 4 foot long ...and solid core will almost certanly break as has been said
a copper braid from the botom of the tone arm over the externals -- may help protect and shield the external wires:smash:

the sound the 2 wire types offer is slightly differant...and you may want to try both ...solid silver wire is the best i have heard ...but its not as flexable as the stranded types it depends a lot on the tone arm what is the best internal wire to use:cannotbe:

28-33ga or 0.25-0.75mm of wire is approx correct thickness
the thinner wires are much harder to solder

best wishes


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2002-08-02 10:41 am
good litz wire is not cheap. Lots of people make a voodoo cult around some...:smash:

You might get 95% of best performance with solid core laquered copper wire, but don't use thinner than 0.01mm with MC-carts.
A lot better than original wire in my sme3009/2.
Make it as short as possible, and go balanced if you (that means your phono pre) can.

try, it's cheap and much more than worth it!
tinning litz wire

I hope Litz wire isn't made with other than solderable film insulation because otherwise I don't know how you'd strip it.

I used to use a solder pot when I had access, or a hot enough iron, with poly-nylon film. Poor dielectric, but that's what was available where I worked and it was easily solderable.