Listening rooms for a composer's 2024 tour

Dear Community,

I am an ambient/drone music composer planning a tour for spring 2024. Typically I pursue traditional venues, but I had a whimsical idea ... to play DIY/hi-fi enthusiasts listening rooms.

Why not? As I — & my collaborators — often play for more intimate audiences anyway, & don't require massive systems, what's the need to perform in large venues with pa systems that are generic, one-size-fits-all & far from optimized? Moreover, I would love to hear my music on a lot of the different systems that are featured here, & give them an objective testing ;) I bet many of you would love to show off your ingenious creations, as well as see how they perform in a different context.

In general, I think this could be a fun social experiment, but also offer some real possibilities for research & connecting dots.
Would be curious to hear people's thoughts. If you're interested, pm me.
"You'd have to be quite careful to not damage their speakers.
Hi-Fi speakers are much more delicate than PA speakers."

Indeed. Sound guy would need to know up front about recommended listening levels, strengths weaknesses etc. & adjust accordingly. Host could also be 'sound guy' & control the mixing board?