Linkwitz transformer vs Bass Box


2010-09-28 1:19 am
Hi, why there are such differeneces...?

I am trying to use this spreadsheet:

For a given enclosure and speaker T/S this is the spreadsheet result
- F3 = 38.88 Hz

I simulate the same box size and driver data in Bass Box, vented cab
- F3 = 24.86 Hz

Bass Box simulation for a sealed cab
- F3 = 48.5 Hz

F3 is not the same as in BassBox, neither for sealed nor vented box.

My point is to design the minimum box size, where I can have no more than 6 db linkwitz transformer gain to get -3db/20hz.

And these results are so confusing..

I even wanted to have 0 db at 20hz, but then I have to use over 12db gain and I will go beyond the speaker RMS rating
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