Linkwitz Phoenix


2001-12-26 9:04 pm
I'll let you know in about 2 weeks. I'm finishing the cabinets and the XOs I built are being checked by Mr. Linkwitz at the moment.

Don Maurer has posted results of his phoenix project on Yahoo! Groups - hifi_dsp. He actually coded digital XOs with room correction. Using his digital crossovers and one speaker with a set of Scan-Speak drivers, and the other speaker with Seas drivers, his friends of his compared them favorably to $20k+ speakers.

It seems that using the Seas drivers is the way to go. Mr. Linkwitz has just recently provided instructions for parts values to use to equalize the Seas drivers.

There's a link in the FAQ section at to the Phoenix Builders' Website and email addresses for several others that have built the Phoenix.

I see that Mr. L uses active crossover, especially for dealing with the tweeter.

1. How does this speaker compares with other speaker using passive crossover?

2. Has any "subjectivist" (the less signal path, the better) made a reviews/comments on this speaker?

I'd like to build this speaker someday. Btw, Davey.... How much does the driver cost you?