Linkwitz Open House May 14 and 15

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Sea Ranch is beauty paradisiac place in California
Audio & Sea & Sun :cheerful:


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I would also love to be there :nod:.

I must say I have also come a full turn and (at a cost) started marrying the SL speakers with Papa amps.

I am finishing a pair of BA-3b monoblocks to drive the midrange on LX521 tops (the bottom will be my sealed bass).

I also am about to finish a few channels of Juma (bf862) preamp to add to my F5/ACA combo for biamping LXminis (currently still running on Emotiva). However, I must say the LXMinis only won me over after I added a pro sub under 60Hz which integrated so well one could swear the bass was coming from the minis ;).

anyways, I resisted trying SLs designs for their power requirement and for my investment into our forum clones, but admittedly bringing the two worlds together might be the end of the road. after that all diy might be strictly for fun and for giving away things.
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SL helped me some years ago with the crossover network for my dipole woofers to be used with my Quad ESL-63. He is a very nice person, and the concept works very well. He gave me the necessary hints. I had to do some calculations myself. Then I presented my assumptions and results, he said "nice - good enough", I ordered the calculated R and C parts etc, soldered in, and it works like a Charm. I learned something under way by doing it myself. (I am in no doubt he would have helped me if necessary.)
I recommend having a chat with him. He knows quite a few things. And NP's presence will not make things worse either! You West Coast guys have to know your visiting hours!
Evenement start tommorow hope Diyers make meeting videos or photos with Papa amplifiers prototypes and show.
Have Gentlemans a great audio week-end :cheerful:

ps : photo with Papa A40 prototype amplifier from 1978 :D


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I have a colleague at work who prototypes like that. Some of his sculptures are far more ambitious. I usually use perfboard, though I have to admit component changes would be easy on one of those "kinetic sculptures". For such construction, it pays to have your schematic written out or very well visualized in your mind's eye.
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