Linkwitz bipolar designs

somebody posted a link to on another thread here, and I had a look. Mr. Linkwitz has some very interesting things to say about room acoustics and speaker design... He has made available a bipolar speaker design based on this philosophy called the Phoenix... it is a close cousin of the Audio Artistry speakers which he also designed. Has anyone out there heard any of these speakers? Opinions?

Incidentally, Mr. Linkwitz also proposes a rather unconventinal approach to recreating the "realism" of a live event... read his Surround Sound section and the Doug Rife link for details.
I havn't really been doing much in the way of speakers lately (busy with other stuff), but the bipolar design got me to thinking about the original Quad ESLs... which are really just bipolar electrostatics. Could Mr. Linkwitz's theories help explain the Quad's cult following? For such an old design, many people still swear by it as the last word in musical transparency. I did also find an interesting links on a bipolar subwoofer, which I'll have to dig up again.

I really like the idea of minimizing room interaction, and I too was rather surprised at the lack of responses. It seems to me that room acoustics is aften overlooked when designing the speaker itself, and is instead treated as a separate problem...

Thomas: thank you for the link! I'll go check it out.