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High Quality Preamps
Single Amp LME49710
Dual Amp LM4562 OR LME49720
Data Sheet LM4562

High Voltage Version (22v rails)
Single LME49870
Dual LME49860
Data Sheet

Low Noise Voltage Reference
Data Sheet

Audio Buffer (Headphone Driver)
Data Sheet

Preamp Application Notes
Phono Preamp Schematic and Eval Board Notes
(Joe Curcio's paper, "Keeping Up with the Demands of High Performance Audio," National App Note 1651.

Overture Power Amps
Reference Page

LM1876 Info Page
Data Sheet to National Semiconductor audio parts:


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High Quality Preamps

Dual Audio OP Amp LME49722
Data Sheet LME 49722

The LME49722 has a wide supply range of ±2.5V to ±18V. Over this supply range the LME49722 maintains excellent common-mode and power supply rejection, and low input bias current. This Audio Operational Amplifier achieves outstanding AC performance while driving complex loads with values as high as 100pF with gain value greater than 2. Directly interchangeable with LME49720, LM4562 and LME49860 for similar operating voltages.

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