linear potentiometer with 8 modules on it?


2006-05-30 8:17 pm

Does anybody know a potentiometer with 8 modules on it even a motorized pot?
I have searched and all companies produce up to 6 modules...
and the only with 8 modules are these but are too expensive
Potentiometer, Kohle, Leitplastik
Multi-Channel Rotary Fader | Penny + Giles

Any other way to control 2 simple or motorized potentiometers simultaneously(each with 4 modules on it)?

Please any idea or advice will be helpfull...

Thank you
8 (or more) gang volume control

Not exactly a potentiometer, but you didn't say the application, so I assume you want to control the volume of 8 channels.

There is one way I know to do this with analog electronics, and that is using the Analog Devices SM2018T VCA. It's a voltage controlled amplifier, so you basically can use one potentiometer to create a variable control voltage, and then send these to N of the SSM2018T ICs to control N channels.

The performance of the IC is not as good as the best of the best of the best op amps out there, but it is pretty good and you will be hard pressed to tell the difference. Here is a link to the datasheet:

I have seen a project that used 6 of these ICs, each on their own PCB, to make a 6 channel preamp. Add as many channels as you would like. Works like a charm.