Linear design sa-8200 rambler model stopped working


2016-06-12 8:06 am
Hi there

I have been using a linear design sa-8200 stereo amp for a few years now without a problem. Just recently I left it switched on for 2 weeks and now it doesn't work.
It switches on all the lights come on as normal, but nothing coming out of the speakers. I've tryed both auxiliary channels and the tuner channel and absolutely nothing, not even a pop or crackle. Tested with headphones too. Absolutely nothing.
I've checked the fuse at the back and the 2 internal fuses ( with a multimeter) they are fine.
I've closely inspected the both sides of all the circuit boards for any cracked solder joins, blown resisters, blown caps. I've also had a thorough look everywhere else for any burnt wires or melted wires. Everything appears to be fine.
Any suggestions or advice would be really appreciated.
Thanks very much!