Line Conditioner

After reading the threads on How To Burn In A Power Cord, you
guys might be interested in a line conditioner such as the Sola constant voltage transformer or similar. If I remember it has a common mode rejection of around 120db and a tranverse of about 60db for transients and line noise. Some of them are a little
pricey but nothing like some of the High-End cords.
These type of transformers work on the Ferroresonant principle.
They don't have good transient responce; they're best with
constant current loads.

I'd recommend a proper shielded isolation transformer; I managed to find a Topaz 2.2KVA unit at a surplus electronics
store for only $160.

This source has a number of transformers at a wide range of
prices. I think the money is better spent on a Topaz Ultra-
Isolation transformer than a high-priced power cord.
Hi sdman,

This has come up in the past. The big advantages to the Sola is that it does some noise filtering and also provides some regulation to the line voltage.

There are some negatives to them besides the cost and size issues. They have to have at least a 20% load on them (50% in some of the older versions) or they will burn up and they are also not as good at filtering out lightning as other available options.

My personal favorite is the SurgeX suppressor. It doesn't regulate the line voltage, but I have never seen anything better for cleaning up power and protecting equipment. It also doesn't pollute the power for other equipment the way that MOV based suppressors do.

2nd that!

Originally posted by Damon Hill
They don't have good transient responce; they're best with

constant current loads.

I'd recommend a proper shielded isolation transformer; I managed to find a Topaz 2.2KVA unit at a surplus electronics

second that. I had so-called magnetic voltage constanters in use, effects were subtle but there and not all of them positive.
Meanwhile I have a huge isolation Xfrmr with a 5kVA rating. This thing brings sonics to a smoothness and relaxed ness I enjoy very much. OTOH, the sucker sucks 1 Ampere just for being plugged in and after a few hours, one can fry eggs on it.

I tend to moit its use for background but plug it in for serious listening.
Topaz is a good choice, I have a Topaz 7.5 Kva supplying my
bench and test equipment.
Sola has improved their xfms with better efficency, recovery time and regulation with improved magnetics.
Over the years I have helped install hundreds of Sola and Topaz
transformers in labs and large computer systems and never had one to fail. The Sola's do get hot enough that you can't put your
hand on them but they were designed to withstand the elavated
There are some transformer manufactures using Amorphous (Met-Glass) cores in their xfms for higher efficiency but I think only in
large distribution xfms where efficency really adds up.
I have been told that there is somebody out there making a toroid
with an amorphous core (Japanese?) but not sure who.
If you guys come across a good bargain for a Topaz, go for it.
I just bought a 2kva Sola Hevi-Duty CVT (Constant Voltage Transformer),used, off ebay, for $125 cdn. Bloody thing is 110lbs. Ugh. Now, I read that it is not of much use here, but at a current street (new) price of about $1500US or so, I think I can find a use for it, or store it for later use.

Also have a topaz 2.5Kva (ebay, $31) 120/240 to 120/240 isolation transformer, so I can configure it for 'balanced AC', at half rating, of 1.25Kva. This was such a successful experiment, that I immediately manged to luck out and find the following:

On the a 20Kva!! 600 lb, on wheels, 'Controlled Power' brand 700A series 'line conditioner'. It is also configurable for 'balanced AC', which is why I bought it! That one, because no-one knew What it was..I bought it for $225! It's current (pun intended!) and it's MRSP is $8k.

A bargain. My favorite. :D

I love ebay. (In a brotherly kind of way)
I asked the folks at 'controlled power company' if the unit I was about to buy needed to be 'de-rated to 10Kva, if i ran it as a 'balanced AC transformer'. they immediately said no, it would not need to be de-rated. it is designed for that possibility. It can handle 1000% surges, as well. And 250% or so for 10 minutes at a time, if I recall the specs properly.

20Kva of balanced AC power. Ouch. No wonder it weighs 600lbs.