Line Array with silver flute and tn28 hivi's

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anybody consider the silver flute woofers and tn28 hivi tweeters for a real cost consciencous line array.

i'm just a guy wiht an idea... my audio experiences are small, i've only built one line array,, and i loved it, time for another

lets see if we can get a conversation going on this topic.. it looks extremely appealing
A little bit of math to help you out;
Center-to-center distance of 8" woofers is = 1695 hz.
That'll be your crossover point. (13560/c-t-c)

8" woofers X 8 drivers = 64" high baffle. 72" would be better.
8 HI-VI TN28 X 1.875 = 15 inches high on the baffle.
C-T-C = 7230 hz.

Fs of tweeter is 1600 hz. It'll require a steep crossover.
chainenoble said:
check out dr.griffins white paper at

as far as i know,8" woofers would have to be crossed very low.maybe too low for those tweeters.
i hope more people will respond as i'm really curious about a line array with silver flute woofers


ps are you getting your supplies from solen??

Not too low for a big planar. The one i am thinking of is able to run down to 500 600 hz . Its a Mid/tweeter planar. I had the link and lost it from a post somewhere in here. 35 inchs 45 and inches and i think they had 52 as well.
The 8" SilverFlute's look like they can make it too 1700 hz.
The HI-VI TN28's will probably struggle at that crossover point and then theres that c-t-c spacing problem at 7200 hz.
According to Griffin's white paper combing will start to appear at 7200 hz and get worse at 14,000 hz.

Madmike2 was probaly thinking of the B&G midrange planars.

The first project I've ever built was my line arrays using 10 Dayton 5 1/4" Aluminum Woofers and 6 Dayton PT2 Planars. Crossed over at 2500 hz - 4th order Bessel. That was before the Dayton RS series came out.
Now I'm starting to build a line array with 10 RS 7 inchers along with 10 B&G Neo3 PDR's Planars and I'll probably cross them at 800 - 900 hz. Won't know the actual crossover until it's all put together. I'm not worried about the sensitivity mismatch of the two drivers as it will probably be a natural baffle step correction. If I do need more SPL from the planars I could always parallel more of them to get it to match the woofers.

Before the RS series came out, I was planning on using the 6 1/2" Silver Flute's with the the PT2/Yag20's (they're made by the same company).

They'res also DIY'ers out there who built line arrays with only one tweeter. They'res a point source/line array boundary problem but in a small room at seating distance it doesn't appear to affect the imaging that much.
I like to have the sound stay the same - sitting or standing and walking around the room. So go with the planars. It really depends on what you want in the end.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.