Line Array question about mid-woofer !

hello, I bought a batch of MaxFidelity MF165/77/L4 (23 unit), the problem is that they are 4 ohms I'd like to make a line array, but I hesitate on the number of woofers , what configuration would be the best.

-9 Woofers 3/3/3 uniform feed 2/3/4 tapering feed
-10 Woofers 3/3/4 or 2/4/4 tapering feed
-11 Woofers 4/3/4 or 2/4/5
-Or another suggestion ...

I have to stay close in 4 ohms, I use Bi-amps with a DCX-2496

My listening distance is 10-12 feet

thank you
Hi. Couple of questions and thoughts concerning line arrays for 2,5 m listening distance.

Is it better to not achieve near field by line array if listening distance is so this short? Do we achieve problems by cancellation because of too short driver center-center distance?

What I have understood is that lowest frequencies need and benefits more of line array than mids and high. That's because mids are more beaming and mids/highs absorbs more efficiently in furnitures than lower frequencies.

Another idea of line array for lows is that we maintain near field in bass region even if drivers are located quite a long distance away from another. For example below 500 Hz (baffle step compensation frequency for narrow 2,5 speaker) center-to-center distance should be no more than 68 cm (one wavelength).

So what if 2,5-way speaker would be MTMM configuration so that lowest (near floor) and highest (high in tall speaker) 0,5-way basses are in series and pair is in parallel with midbass driver that is near tweeter. 0,5 way is then less efficient than mid but benefits from floor boost and gives acoustic benefit. Or how it goes, if 2 pc 8ohm basses are in series (16 ohm). How much SPL gain they give against 8 ohm midbass?
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