Lilliput LCD problem (UH OH)


2005-08-01 10:01 pm
Everything was working fine. I had the LCD stripped and everything connected outside of the case and tested it on a VCR, the LCD worked fine. So, being very stupid of me, I did not turn off the LCD and just removed the LCD Panel from the mainboard. I later checked it to see if it was still working, I receive nothing! I am sure the problem could have stemmed from anywhere, but could this be a cause from a bad mainboard? Would something becoming lose be a cause of this? Things I have checked:

Cables - they're all looking fine, and well connected
Backlight - it still turns on
LED lights - still turns red for off and green for on

Everything seems to be working, it's just that I get nothing on the LCD Panel. I have wiggled the red/orange cable that connects the small circuit board to the panel itself and nothing happens. I would expect if this cable (it being very fragile) is ruined, then wiggling it would atleast show garbled stuff on the LCD, but nothing Sad.

Any other tips would be fine. I do have a multimeter...