Levinson No. 37 Service Manual

Does anybody have access to a Levinson 37 service manual? I have owned mine since I bought the store demo unit at a HiFi store that I worked at and have enjoyed it for quite a few years now. I have replaced the Laser and spindle motor twice in the original CDM12 Industrial transport over the years and a couple of months ago spent $500 for a new CD Pro 2 transport. The Pro 2 will play discs that the CDM12 would not read. Last year I also replaced all of the electrolytic caps in my Levinson 36, 37, and 380S. They all had leaking caps! :eek:
Well, after all the money I poured into the No. 37 I am ready to sell it for parts! :( It has started to cause the DAC to loose lock on the digital stream. This happens on the 36, a Tascam CDR, a Tascam DA-30 II, and a Cambridge Audio DAC Magic Network Player. Reading the Data Clock on the I2S shows 44.1 so I am at a loss as to why I loose lock on four different DACs. I have started drawing the circuit out and am a little disappointed by what I see. It seems like they have "Strained out a Gnat and swallowed a Camel"! For example, they break the clock resonator off the servo board of the transport in order to run the transport from their Master Clock, but they run the 8.4672 MHz clock on the PC board right under the monster power transformer and then to the transport over a twisted pair cable! They also bring the EBU signal from the transport to the main board along a bundle of wires containing everything from power supplies to transport command data.
But at this point I have spent way too much time and money on this beast and I'd love to find the problem. It also just started getting possessive of the CD! When I pressed Stop/Eject it said: "Stopping . . Reading" and would not eject. :confused::confused: