Lesson in Patience and Research

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This is not so much a question but more a subtle reminder to anyone starting out on there DIY journey.

I like probably alot of people got the bug when stumbling across one of those so called 100 inch TV setups on Ebay.After building and seeing they dont give the result promised stumbled on to this and other sites were the success storys just fill you with enthusiasm.

I purchased my first mistake a NEC laptop posted on here after the purchase only to find that it couldnt be used RESEARCH!

I then purchased a Faulty Digitrex portable DVD player stripped it down as screen worked and in my haste broke the ribbon cable PATIENCE!

Then came DVD player number two stripped it down (Handled Screen with care) only to find screen rolled continously when playing movies RESEARCH!

Then there was the Proxima Ovation 810 panel which I had to make my own power supply and VGA cable (Yes alot of research ) But.......shorted the power supply when testing ) PATIENCE

Finally there was the 640FXA Infocus yep ya guessed it Passive not Active......RESEARCH!

So here lies my final point sometimes you get so caught up in the excitement of having one of these that all common sense goes out of the window use the forum to its fullest there is a wealth of information and some really great people with various fields of expertise.Take your time and you,ll get the result.Learn from my bad run and you,ll be smiling.Unlike me who has blown the budget got the wife offside and STILL doesnt have a projector.But I,ll be back
"What doesnt kill ya will only make you stronger"

Thanks for Listening.
I feel your pain. I bought a small low-res monitor for $150. Then it broke after 2 weeks of light use because of the heat. :whazzat: Then I bought a 3m 6400 to go along with my nice Apollo Concept 2250. Nice image until the bulb burned out. Then I found out the bulbs were $40 at Staples. I just wanted to puke. As much as I love DIY, you could never win. They are big, clunky, and can never be AS GOOD AS a XGA native HD LCD projector.

So what do you do you ask???

you buy one .:D I just recently purchased a 1200 lumen XGA native HD LCD projector. Zenith LXG-120 to be exact. It's in the process of shipping, but I'll still make sure to tell you guys how much better it is than yours :angel:

But don't worry, I am, and will always be a DIYer at heart. ;)

Quinn, I don't know if you can steriotype an entire company or product line because of your experience. I've had good experience with Zenith, and the model of projector that I purchased has been reviewed and raved about. I've seen the best of the best of DIY and I'll tell you how it matches up against it soon. There's no way a homemade projector can touch a professional HD high-end LCD projector. I think the specs and price actually speak for themselves...

Well im assuming you didnt spend anywhere near 3,000 for it, and just used that website as a spec reference for me to look at. The sony LCD projector released not long ago has a native resolution of 1280x720 which makes it a much better canidate for HDTV viewing (who watchs 480 p :) ) in a similiar price bracket. Im sure it will look great and you will be pleased with it over our DIY setups, i just cant see myself justifying the purchase of a 3 grand zenith anything.

XGA running 720p isnt the greatest thing in the world, but it is far from the worst. It is what i run on my projector, until i strip this 1280x1024 LCD down and drop it in my box.
Yes, the site was for reference. The projector has 150 hours on the bulb and comes with everything. The story of how I got it was kind of funny. A guy on ebay listed it spelled wrong, and he was nice enough to give it to me(highest bidder) for ONLY $400. :eek: :D Obviously, when someone spells it wrong, the amount of people that view the item are slim. I wouldn't get it either if it was over $1000.

BTW, good luck with your 1280x1024 project.:)
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