LED meter bridge for power Amps

Hi everybody,

I'm building a stereo version of Sloan's design three in his High Power amplifier book. I decided to build an LED meter bridge for it and am using a LM3916. It drives 10 LED's and is adjustable for its starting point. The spec. sheet recommended using an LF353 as a full wave average detector. Thus far I have gotten the LM3916 working and the LF353 working, but not together, still working on it. . . hey I've been busy!

I realized I had a bit of a power problem when I bought a transformer with secondaries for the high voltage amps, but not for the low-voltage stuff. I am considering building an additional power supply in the case for the meter bridges and possibly for an inverter for bridge mono operation.

Anyways, has anybody else tried this before? and does anyone have recommendations? And, assuming that I pull this off, anyone interested in artwork and diagrams?