leanfuser for metric


2017-09-19 9:45 pm
Hi - I am experimenting with building a couple of leanfusers.
- The 'standard' model uses 10mm thick stock (full depth; 50mm from 'base plate')
- I am aware it is mentioned that 12mm (for metric) measures slightly better - and I do have to source metric. (depth; 60mm)

Seeing that I am not fixated on 'ultimate' performance and want to minimize intrusiveness, I am planning on using 9mm. (depth 45mm)
Common sense tells me that the difference will be minimal.

Is anyone aware of some exponential equation coming into play where losing 10% of depth will lose 50% of performance?? (for example)

An educated/experienced based guess would be most helpful.

This all works on wavelengths, so if you scale both panel width and and depth by 75% it should work very similarly but with a lower frequency effectiveness that starts 33% higher (in frequency). Essentially, scale the whole thing by X, the frequency range scales by 1/X. Bigger things affect longer wavelengths.

If you want to do something that is more than simple scaling, an option is to download the 1month demo version of AFMG Reflex (Software - AFMG Reflex
and simulate the dimensions and pattern you want to try. That's how the leanfuser was designed. It can take quite a while to optimize to something effective by trial-and-error, but it can be done (and is sort of fun, if you happen to be an obsessive type!).
Hey Bwaslo, if the diffuser is scaled down so the low freq is higher does that mean I can sit closer to the diffuser with lesser issues?

Good question. I don't really know, but it would seem to make some sense. The issues I don't think are as bad as some make them out to be. I'm pretty confident that sitting too close to a diffusor would still be better than sitting that close to a bare wall.