LDR Pre MkII - LDR volume control and I/O switching


2019-01-05 5:17 am
Hello. I was very interested in the LDR Pre MkII project-LDR volume control and I/O switching.There is a desire to build for yourself. There is an Arduino nano with Atmega328PB.
Using the gcUploader program, I managed to upload the ldr_pre_mkii_g_v1.17 firmware for OLED 128x64.
I want to use the Winstar OLED Controller WS0010 display
Using the gcUploader program, I Fill in the firmware LDR_Pre_MkII_W_v1.24. Is programmed correctly. By the glow of the LEDs on the Arduino Board, you can see that the program has started and started working (my opinion).
However, the display shows absolutely nothing. Use an I2C adapter.
I need help. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong.Maybe I have the wrong connection scheme. Or something is wrong with the firmware.
And if possible, see the sketch for Arduino LDR_Pre_MkII_W_v1. 24
I hope for your help. Thanks. Sorry for my English. I use Google translate.


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2006-11-02 2:10 pm
Problem with OLED 2.42 DIY MORE

Maybe somebody had similar problem ?
Finished my project LDR Pre MkII fed days ago and start for running.... But seems that OLED indicator gives me to stop for the next steps. It is does not show any indication and always black. I found that if it is not connecter to the main board then NANO starts with their small LEDs and react to the encoder switch , but if OLED connected to the board, the NANO LED`s blink as low powering (see photos). I found that this happens when only SDA or/ and SCL is connected to the main board.
Any recommendations to find and fix the problems?


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