LCD Module for Video Projector

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You may have trouble with that module. I'd sugest you to find a smaller module.

The best module I've seen so far is unipac 1.8" 528x228
model is: UPo18d11

PS: Don't make confusion with the other unipac 1.8" model (D01) cause that one has lower resolution.

Another good option would be go to 2.5" 480x234

You shouldn't find any problem wiht those modules and since they are small, not only it will be easier to backlight it but you can use projector lenses with no need for other lens.
Where to find supplier?

Zeco et al,
Hi! Do you know where to find the 1.8 Unipac? I can't find anyone who has them anymore.

If you're going the slide projector route, I couldn't fit a 2. 5 inch in my slide well.

I tried a radio shack 2.5 module from a tv and it wouldn't fit. I could have cut away some off the sides of the well. I didn't try that. But, I believe some of the picture would be cut off also.

Thanks for the link to the xga panel company in Taiwan. I emailed them asking for a quote yesterday. It looks expensive though. 3 panels, 3 driver boards, 3 pre-panel boards and a controller board. Then you'll need some complex mirrors and optics.
You could forego some of the optic train if you went for a CRT type setup. Just have to work on the convergence and you wouldn't have any zooming control.

I wouldn't mind either way. I just hope it would be less than 6-700$. Then maybe find an old CRT shell and mount the panels and light source/s (you think one split up or three separate would be better?)

That sight shows they are working on an Hdtv panel. I assume that is a one panel. They don't offer any more info though.

Which search engine do you use or keywords? I seem to have a difficult time finding any manufacturers in my searches. I wish I could type in Chinese too!

There is a DIY small panel projector thread now. So as to channel that discussion there and not interfere with the big panel folks. Although, it's primarily the same. Most of the construction problems are handled differently or not existent due to the smaller size. I can't wait to find some cheap vga or higher panels (then this thing will rock!).

Cheapest bet and best res is that Unipac model (mine was ~150 after shipping from Hexachain/Signet in Taiwan) but, I can't find anyone who has the hi-res one anymore. I have broken the ribbon on mine and trying to find a way to fix it.

Please help me if you know anything about fixing it. Or, if you know anyone who still stocks them. The panel itself shouldn't be more than 80-90$. My driver board is still good. I miss my big screen!


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Nope, I have plans on building a DIY from scratch but using a musch smaller panel (2.5 at most) as I believe this is the way to go.

I used Google. Search wasnt straigh forward. I looked for small panels or something. (dont really remember). Found a page that explains a bit of the history of LCD and found that there are only 2 companies building it. Them I serached "1.8 company_name_here"

found some companies selling the item. They listed all of the panels built by those 2. I looked at the resolution and size. The biger panles (5"+) wasnt worth really as resolution isnt impressive and I know I'd have trouble with the board anyway. Looked at the resolution and figured that 2.5" (from either manufactor) is the way to, BUT that 1.8 looked incredible and I wanted to take a shot as well.

Resolution of those 2.5 isnt "great" but depending on the price, it could be a real possibility specially since I believe it would be easier to make the light more efficient.

BTW: I was searching for 1.8" panels as Id like to buy what those big companies are using hehehe. I still havent find them.
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