LCD help needed !!!


i have a question about a lcd ...

Which adjustments do i have to make before i can use a lcd screen (5") in my projector ???

Do i have to to remove the back.... and tape a fresnel lens behind it???

Or do i have to completly remove back + backlights, before i tape a fresnel lens behind it????? i have to do something else ??

BTW: can u use a sony playstation lcd (designed for psone) to use in projector me :confused:

thx thx thx .....etc
What I'm trying to say is this. Projection panels are larger and specially designed to be put on top of an overhead projector. Playstation screens are not as they are generally 5 inches. They are also lower resolution 320*240 (standard tv) which means it would be hard to get computer into them and looking good. Most panels start at 640*480 res (computer resolution). 5 inche screen would be good for a large slide projector.