lcd as a uv mask for photosensitive materials

Hi everyone-

this is my first post! I actually have lots of things I will be doing with my home sound and theater that this forum will be a fantastic resource. But I have a more immediate question for a project I'm doing-

Can an lcd by itself (no polarizing glass in place) be used to project a masked ultraviolet image on a photo sensitive surface? ie - photolithogaphy materials?

I searched around a bit and haven't found a definitive answer as to whether an lcd could be used as a dynamic mask for curing photosensitive paper, resin, etc.

Here is what I do know-

* uv light is harmful to the lcd. -i'm ok with that.
* uv light + human eyes = badness. -i'm ok with that too. (got protective eye wear? check.)
* a mercury arc lamp would likely throw enough uv. (i think)

So my question is basicly centered around that last point. Lcd's absorb a lot of light. Would an lcd let enough of the uv light through? Would it block enough in the grayed/blacked/active pixels?

I'm about to just start experimenting but I thought I'd ask first. Anyone have any experience with this?