LCAudio ZAPFilter

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Has anyone used the ZAPfilter from LCAudio to replace the opamps in a CD player or DAC? Is this any good? See


N.S. Ng

I have used the Zap filter (initial edititon) with an Rotel RDC 971. I Have also modified with the LCclock. Both mods were positive. It is the second time I do a clock mod and it is worthwhile. It is difficult to describe my observations regarding the ZAP filter, but it became more pleasant and in particular less stresing to listen to music. I have tried other CDplayers not using op-amps in the fitler stage and much of the same effect. Less tireing to listen to the music. Better perspective as well. If you have the money and the patience to mount it, go for it. I would do it again.
Remember one thing : The PCB layout is the half of the design. So be carefull with the layout!
In MK2 the have maked the signal path shorter.
Do you know if the BJT are mathed. What is there parameter they are working after if they match them?

Im not trying to stop you but that's maybe the reason why they publish there designs!?

In the old work they did for High Fidelity in denmark they did mentioned that you would get a higher performance by matching the BJT. Why should they have changed there point of view.

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They were Zetec or something similar for memory. circuit below with dc servo included.

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