Latest project for one and all

Someone just bought a digital camera that they were dying to try out. The only ongoing project around the shop is this STENDEC unit. The I/Os aren't hooked up yet, and I haven't worked out all the details on interfacing the Ultra AnalLog DAC yet. It has a 4-1 digital compression ratio. But here it is anyway.

Note the use of Wima caps as bypass only. (Are you reading this, Harry and Diceman?)




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We have a winner!

Actually, two of them.

Only took a month, and too many hints.

The "he-he-he" is also 4-1 (times 3) for those who weren't Boy Scouts. Should have been a tip that it was an April Fools gag.

I expected stuff like:

"Hey, this board looks like some punter threw a bunch of parts on a board for no apparent reason. Other than to be a wise guy. No way this thing can work"


"Stendec? What is that supposed to be? Don't you mean 'standac'? Not that 'standac' makes any more sense."

Stendac could mean:

STimpy and rEN DAC. But it didn't.

And the obvious one, the audiophile gee-whizz gaff:

"Wow! An UltraAnalog DAC! Where did you get that Jocko? Did you design a product for some compnay with that? Do you have any more around. Those things are supposed to be way cool sounding."

Yes, yes, and no. Product never built because they weren't as hot as the press hyped them up to be. One of those in any project ought to be a clue that it is an April Fool joke.

Honorable mentions to tschrama. English is not his native tongue, so he didn't get it. But he figured out for all the right reasons that perhaps he wasn't supposed to get it.

Now............I wonder when everyone will find Harry's? Actually, one person did. We warned you guys we we going to do one. I hope Elso is not annoyed be the amount of forum space taken up by this. [joke]