Large enclosure for specific room- Spawn or de Havilland??

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Last weekend I heard a pair of Cain and Cain Abby’s and was pretty blown away by what was possible with a single driver. I left inspired to try one.
I know there are tons of “what should I build threads” and I’ve read a lot, but everyone’s goals are so different so I do apologize for another but I want to make sure the design is good for my space.

My goals:

Room- 11’x18’, the speakers will go on the shorter wall and because there is an entry door in one corner they have to sit about 3-4’ off each wall. Also because it is an entryway, they really can’t be more than 2-2.5 from the front of the speaker to the wall without crowding.

Size – tall is great and as big as they need to be, not compromising size for sound.

Shape – I love the look of the front facing double horns, but sound is the most important with the space I have. Ideally they could sit against the wall. Kirshma looks great, Venom too. Silbury if rear-facing. Or a tall Voigt shape like the Abby.

Sound – I don’t know enough to say, but airy, spacious, great mid range. Clear bass, as much as possible without getting boomy. I listen at lower volumes and love hearing the detail in music.

Driver – completely open, I was leaning towards Alpair 12p, but hearing smaller drivers like 10p are sometimes preferred. Around 6”, around $300 /pair.

The room seems like the biggest factor and some of the more popular designs might not work well with it.

Thanks all


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Note that normally you want the speakers and listening position [LP] at a room's odd harmonics [peaks at ~18'/7, 5, 3, 1] = ~2.57' from the rear wall with seating at whichever harmonic is at least an 'OK' distance/location.

Ditto for horizontal [L-R] spacing at 11'/7, 5, 3, 1 = ~3.67' off the side walls, though sometimes putting the speakers offset from the walls can be a better solution overall and why this and other reasons the speakers in room should be measured to dial in these theoretically ideal locations, not to mention dialing in the vent when appropriate since most rooms I designed/built for required different tunings, some to the point of one vented one either ~aperiodic or sealed.

Anyway, before discussing speaker designs; from the above, where will the LP [folk's ear plane] relative to the speaker baffle's be and at what ear height?

Great question, and the answer is nowhere near optimal. We have two lower chairs about 5' in front of the stereo area, but they face the fireplace. There is also a couch the runs along the upper (in the picture) wall, and one thats in the little enclave.

The speakers should go where the bookshelves are, but not ready to rip those out yet.
Actually based on that first post I can put more moderately sized speakers in the corner by the bookshelves, which is really the best place for them. Since they will be in the corners that should make most of the designs work. Sorry for starting a useless thread.

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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.